Account Insights

Streamline credit decisioning with categorized data

Digitalize your lending application process and make more informed decisions with categorized transaction data

From manual form submissions to real-time data for broader insights

Machine learning Machine learning

The categorization engine keeps learning trends and patterns over a variable length of time for maximum accuracy.

Value-added data Value-added data

Raw transactional data categorized into predefined income and expenditure.

Broad coverage Broad coverage

We can retrieve data across all your customer’s bank accounts to create a comprehensive picture of their financial wellbeing.

Efficient for you, user-friendly for your customers


We help you apply automated categorization to your customers' transaction data.

Faster conversion

You can enhance customer experience by quickly making a decision.


Categorized transaction data improves the accuracy of your decision.

Lower cost

By reducing time to administer, you can reduce operational costs.

Categorized data that fits right into your product


Base decisioning on categorized up-to-date transaction data.

How it works

Step 1 – Apply:

The customer chooses an amount to apply.

Step 2 – Authenticate:

The customer authorizes access to their account.

Step 3 – Decisioning:

The customer’s account information is retrieved and categorized into your criteria for decisioning, such as salary and expenditure.

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By integrating with Neonomics we are able to quickly and efficiently address the needs of our customers, resulting in a beneficial outcome for all parties involved across multiple industries.

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