Get conversion-optimized checkout in five minutes

Easy to integrate and even easier to use, Neonomics hosted payment forms offers you a complete white-label solution so you can start accepting payments today.

Add a <few lines of code> , start securely collecting payments effortlessly


Conversion multiplier

Friction-free where it needs to be, our account-to-account payments have some of the highest conversion rates in Europe.


Pan-European Reach & growing

Connect to over 150 million consumers across Europe through one unified solution.


Go live fast

Integrate and test quickly, we perform a fast KYC check and you are ready to go to market.


More secure

All transactions happen within your customer’s banking infrastructure, so it is considerably more secure than traditional payments

How it works

Step 1 – Register:

Sign up and register and you’ll receive your API key.

Step 2 – Integrate:

Implement the checkout snippet and add your payments options.

Step 3 – Get paid:

The user is redirected to the checkout, and funds are settled in your account.

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