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From data to account to account payments, Neonomics is delivering the next generation of open banking services.

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Next generation of financial services

Account Data
Account Insights
Account Verification

Save money with every transaction

Let your users trigger payments directly from your app or website. Get faster payouts into your account with no high card processing fees.

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Access and integrate real-time bank account data into your products

Let your users aggregate all their bank accounts in one app, providing them with a full overview of their finances.

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Streamline credit decisioning with categorized data

Digitalize your lending application process and make more informed decisions with categorized transaction data.

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Instantly verify account ownership

Instantly verify your customers’ bank accout details, simplifying your customer onboarding process and saving time for both you and your customers.

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Get conversion-optimized checkout in five minutes

Easy to integrate and even easier to use, Neonomics hosted payment forms offers you a complete white-label solution so you can start accepting payments today.

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Why companies are choosing us

Unified pure PSD2 API technology

The most advanced unified PSD2 API tech stack and bank coverage map in Europe, with no legacy tech ready for pan-European implementation.

Competitive pricing

Our pricing models are based on our clients’ diverse needs. Our agile approach is rooted in creating savings on every transaction.

Swift implementation

You will get support from our dedicated customer onboarding and service delivery team. Combined with our agile implementation method, it can take less than a week to go live.

Regulatory backing

As a licensed Payments Institution, backed by the Norwegian FSA, we cover clients’ needs in respect to AIS and PIS, with our operational capacity passported across the EU and the UK.

How our versatility creates savings on every transaction


Low-cost, integrated account-to-account payments

  • Account-to-account payments initiated directly from your app or website
  • A fraction of cost compared to traditional credit card payment schemes
  • Secure and seamless checkout experience supported by SCA


Streamlined credit decisioning backed by categorized transaction data

  • Access bank account data in real-time upon your customer’s consent
  • Instantly verify income and other outstanding loans
  • Gain a comprehensive, predictive view of the customer’s financial well-being


Fuller financial overview in one place

  • Pure API-based account data aggregation from bank accounts across Europe from 2,000+ banks
  • Gain comprehensive insights into your customer’s financial journey
  • Provide a more personalized and engaging experience to your customers
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The most advanced pure API coverage in Europe
2,000+ banks
currently connected


Get to know our platform and documentation.

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API reference

Our detailed API reference with examples and JSON reference.

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