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About Us

Our history

In 2017, Neonomics (meaning “New Economy”) arose as a direct response to the impending challenges facing the banking industry during its radical transition into the era of open banking. Fresh out of the Nordics, our vision was to provide a smart platform for banking interconnectivity around the globe.

Our solutions

Since then, the solutions we have developed enable banks to exploit open banking in new revenue streams, whilst FinTechs are given access to a huge distribution channel with which to deploy their services.

Now that the majority of larger European financial institutions already connected, the end-goal for Neonomics is to foster a worldwide synergistic relationship between banks, FinTechs and the like in pursuit of innovative collaboration in the open banking era.

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Hear from some of our team members

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“Being a serial entrepreneur, I define entrepreneurial drive as a constant quest for change to improve the status quo. In whatever I do, l always consider different angles and think a few steps ahead.”

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Kalli Anne

“I came from a background in retail, so to enter the FinTech industry was totally new for me. I love that we’re trying to build a team of people from diverse professional backgrounds.”

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“My typical day could be titled: “Four Seasons in One Day”: from Scrum stand up, to discussions about product requirements. Working in a startup means being versatile and flexible and preparing yourself to fill a multitude of roles.”

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Senior Software Developer

“Joining Neonomics was very appealing to me as it provided an opportunity to work in a startup atmosphere; there is a great sense of community here and it’s the kind of environment that encourages you to use your creativity to the maximum.”