Account Verification

Instantly verify account ownership

Instantly verify your customers’ bank account details, simplifying your customer onboarding process and saving time for both you and your customers.

Fetch account details and do KYC the open banking way

stat Account details

Instantly retrieve the customers’ bank account details, such as account number and IBAN.

report Reports

All the fetched data can be delivered to you in your preferred format.

Reliable for you, simpler for your customers


All data is fetched directly from the customers’ bank, providing a secure solution for both you and your customers.


By using automatic account verification, you save both time and money.

Higher conversion

Onboard more customers into your service by automating the verification process.


Once the account is verified and connected, in-app payments can also be enabled.

How it fits right into your services

Digital wallets

Validate account details to connect bank accounts and digital payments.

How it works

Step 1 – Connect:

The customer connects to their bank and selects the account they need to verify.

Step 2 – Authenticate:

The customer authorizes access to their account.

Step 3 – Verification:

The customer’s account information is retrieved.

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