Low-cost, integrated account-to-account payment

Let your users instantly trigger payments and transfers from their bank, directly from your app or website.

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PSD2 & open banking-enabled payments

Payments can be initiated directly from a customer’s account to yours, at a fraction of the cost.

collapsing arrows Reduced cost

We help you cut out fees from card payments and invoicing schemes.

shield outlined Faster settlement

You receive funds from customers in a matter of minutes, instead of days.

shield outlined Secure

Users’ payment credentials are protected by their own bank’s security layer.

shield outlined User-friendly

Customers can initiate payments and transfer funds directly from your app or website.

Neonomics-enabled Payment Initiation

Who’s building with Neonomics

Who’s building with Neonomics


Account-to-account payments

The solution enables Finnish customers to pay their regular invoices through Kivra’s digital mailbox, with payments powered by the Neonomics PSD2 API.

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