Save money with every transaction

Let your users trigger payments directly from your app or website. Get faster payouts into your account with no high card processing fees.

All payment features wrapped into one API

Domestic payments Domestic payments

Allow your users to send payments between accounts in the same country.

SEPA payments SEPA payments

Allow your users to send and receive money from accounts across Europe.

Scheduled payments Scheduled payments

Let your users send payments on a scheduled date.

Recurring payments Recurring payments Coming soon

Let your users set up recurring payments for your subscription services.

A better way to pay for both you and your customers

Lower cost

API-driven payments incur lower cost compared to credit and debit card schemes.

Faster settlement

Faster payouts into your account in a matter of minutes, instead of days.


Users’ payment credentials are protected by their own banks’ security layers.

Higher conversions

Users can initiate payments in one-go without having to go via their banking app.

Payments that fit right into your product


Settle regular invoices directly in a digital mailbox via in-app payments.

Neonomics noffe digital wallet Neonomics noffe digital wallet Neonomics noffe digital wallet
Neonomics mobile payments Neonomics mobile payments Neonomics mobile payments Neonomics mobile payments

How it works

Step 1 – Select:

The customer chooses ‘pay directly from your bank’ and selects their bank

Step 2 – Authenticate:

The customer authenticates using their bank to confirm payment details.

Step 3 – Confirm payment details:

Once the customer authenticates to confirm payment details, the payment is initiated.

Hear from our partner

By integrating with Neonomics we are able to quickly and efficiently address the needs of our customers, resulting in a beneficial outcome for all parties involved across multiple industries.

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